Managing The Winning Team



unmanaged activities of sales teams hurts companies each year in lost productivity

360 degree view of all sales activities

This comes with features for activity tracking and monitoring to help companies to get detailed reports on every ongoing and historical activities related to clients, team of sales and projects.


  • Track Activities

    Tracking all sales opportunity from start to close, from the first conversation to completion.

  • Client Management

    Helps company to manage existing and prospective client and gain visibility into accurate client information.

  • Track Sales Progress

    Enable everyone in sales team to monitor and track the status of sales progress.

  • KPI & Score

    It boost sales by motivating sales team and enabling company to provide appropriate rewards to employees.

  • GPS Feature

    Enable to monitor the team movements and their visit detail and ability to knows geographical reach.

  • Activity Scheduling

    Enable everyone in sales team to easily schedule any type of sales activity for future dates or weeks


Video Presentation

"NuveSales" , previously is "SalesOnClick"